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Women Economic Empowerment

In light of the current scenario, we aim to purpose a solution for Economic empowerment for women/girls (inclusive for all disable and TG’s together) we suggest that we merge culture and disability together as one field. We have launched cultural strengthening project for our Pakistani women/girls with disability to stand shoulder to shoulder with men as a productive part of our nation. We promote our own cultural knowledge through this program. The project is unique and the first of its kind in Pakistan, we have offered platform for young women/girls (inclusive for all) who have leadership qualities, or are our future experts, or those who understand problems faced by women with disability in Pakistan 

This program is a combination of private and public sector, development of enabling environments and experience based cultural change. It is a  unique and valuable way to demonstrate access and inclusion of people with disability in all aspects of life.

The pilot of the project is  launched in the capital of Pakistan ‘ Islamabad’ as it is considered the hub of diverse culture and is considered to be more inclusive and acceptable to all sorts of disability. The program participants is ONLY women/inclusive for all (disabilities & TG’s) from Islamabad and Rawalpindi district. The duration of the project is sir months. The program is designed to promote social inclusivity and give exposure to special people (females in particular) to merge their respective cultures with information sharing.

Program includes 80 to 100 delegates, including CEOs, dignitaries, Corporate Managers, Diversity Practitioners, Human Resources Professionals and Advisors, from both the public and private sectors. And all delegates who are engaged, solutions-focused, forward-thinking change makers and are passionate about issues related to inclusion of people with disability in their organizations are invited.