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Indus Home Welfare Foundation (IHWF) aims

Indus Home Welfare Foundation (IHWF) aims to become a leading organization providing trusted old-age support to the elderly. It is envisaged as a place of hope, comfort, and healing, equipped with the necessary supplies and empathetic staff to benevolently take care of the elderly. We, at IHWF, realize that the onset of old age is accompanied by multiple other challenges such as a feeling of isolation, physical frailty, memory loss, and dis-ease. Therefore, we ensure that not only are the old people provided with a safe place to live in but also an environment that caters to their respective needs. The organization was established in 2013 with the intention of providing shelter and medical treatment to homeless underprivileged senior citizens. To date, the organization has provided over 80,100 night stays along with food, medicines, and much-needed emotional support through five old-age homes. The total financial expenditure on shelters, food, medicines, and associated services exceeds PKR. 15 Million. In addition to this, food baskets provided to the impoverished people are valued at PKR. 7.2 Million; meanwhile the marriage assistance provided to poverty-stricken girls amounts to PKR 1 .5 Million. Hence, the aggregate total, including operating cost, amounts to PKR 25 Million. This has been achieved through generous donations from family members, friends, and the community.

Indus Home
Indus Home
The organization was established in 2013

Indus home welfare foundation is working with “Pakistan red crescent society” to spread awareness on neat and clean Islamabad, PRCS train their comrades through Indus home and they disburse them in the field (Old age homes, food waste management, environment, clean drives, cycling rallies, etc). Each batch has 15 comrades. Indus home welfare foundation conducted sessions on waste management either its solid waste management or organic waste management, activity was conducted through cadets of Hassan Abdal after getting a sensitization session they visited the F11 sector along with awareness papers. Indus home welfare foundation is accommodating special persons for their motivation and to spread awareness regarding clean and accessible Islamabad