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Executive members shall be any person having sound professional background such as an eminent social personality, a person from the field of performing arts, journalist, politician, doctors, engineers, accountable, government officials etc, who shall scribe to the objectives of Indus Home and shall be capable of contribution toward achieving Indus Home’s objectives.

  1. Executive members shall be engaged on volunteer basis
  2. There is no term of the office of executive members and they may affiliate with Indus Home as long as they desire.
  3. There is no limitation on the number of persons in the Executive Board, but as advised by President BOD.
  4. Indus Home shall propose various projects to executive members and they shall raise funds for sponsorship of the Indus Home project/activities. If desired any executive member may propose any project/activity to Indus Home that fall under the ambit of Indus Home’s objectives.
  5. Indus Home shall circulate its progress report to executive members on yearly basis, however, on request, any particular detail shall be provided to the requesting executive member.
  6. Executive Members can donate amount to Indus Home on monthly basis. However, Indus Home is responsible to track down money trail against such donation and report to executive members and issue a donation certificate for such donation for recording purpose. Furthermore, finance department is responsible to draw a proper way for recording of Executive members.
  7. Executive Members can also provide Loan on Indus Home management request. A proper request must be generate in writing and approved by Executive Director or President BOD. This kind of loan can be obtain from Executive Board members on special need or under any project or constrain of funds in any project. Loan must be received through banking channel for accounting recording purpose and must return to relevant person as soon as receive of funds in respective project account.
  8. Our prestigious Board members will be given orientation on our policies and procedures so that they may also be in line with the policies and procedures of Indus home, or if they query to have and elaboration they will be facilitated by Executive Director when and where needed.
  9. Send an Application at along with a motivation statement to be on board

Immad Uddin (Executive Director)