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(a) Eligibility of Membership:

1. Every man, woman and youth who has a sympathy with organizational aim’s and objectives of association shall be eligible for member ship of association.
2. Who is or above 20 years of age.
3. He/ She can support organization without any personal or political interest.
4. He/ She who agrees prescribed fee of the organization .The fee of membership is Rs 2000.The membership of member is ceased after six Months.

(b) Categories of Member:

I. Life Time Member Ships:

A person who has denoted/ contribute RS 5000 to the association and participates in monthly meeting will be life time member .The candidate should be citizen of Pakistan.

II. Ordinary member:

A person whose application is accepted by executive committee shall be ordinary member of the organization on payment of Rs 2’000 for annual membership.

III. Honorary membership:

The executive committee may appointed any person as honorary person. He/she shall not be pay membership fee.

(c) Procedure to Rejection

  1. A person who has applied for membership is rejected by the executive committee can apply against laps of three month.
  2. The application reject by executive committee shall be put up before the general body For consideration and reason for rejection.
  3. A person whose application has been rejected by the executive committee will have the right to appear in front of general body whose decision shall be final.

(d) Right of Member

  1. Following categories of members shall have right to vote and take part in meeting / legislation of the organization

a) Life members
b) Ordinary member
c) General body member

     2. The honorary member shall not have the right to vote or hold office but can participate in the meeting and function of the organization.

(e) Procedure of Suspension Cancellation and Registration of Membership.

Membership should be terminated on following grounds 

  1. For non-payment of subscription up to 30 days after due date .The honorary treasures will be issue 15 days’ notice to all members who are in arrears prior to the due date .a second notice will be issue after expiry of first notice the person concerned will post facto cease to the member.
  2. Absence from meetings (general body as executive committee) without prior intimation or without justification, will cease member ship of executive committee of general body.

If the conduct of any member is deemed by the executive committee to be prejudicial to the interest of the organization, misconduct, calculated to bring into dispute his membership can be suspended /cancelled according to following procedure. 

  • He shall be given a notice of at least 10 days on the decision of executive committee During which he shall submitted a written explanation to his conduct.
  • In the event of explanation being found unsatisfactory the executive committee may either administer a warning or may ask the member to resign his membership from organization forthwith.

(f) Restoration of Membership.

A member can terminate his membership by sending his resignation in writing to general secretary, executive committee, may accept resignation provided all outstanding dues have been cleared by him.

  1. In case of nonpayment of the membership fee, his membership may restore after payment of all the dues outstanding against member.
  2. In case of his conduct being determined to the interest of the organization, the executive committee, if it is satisfied, may restore his membership after he gives a written assurances that he will not look against the interest of organization.
  3. In case the executive committee does not restore the person membership ,he /she shall have right to appeal to the general body ,which majority of 2/3rd of the members present in voting may restore his membership .decision of general body on the subject shall be final.
  4. Death of member
  5. Procedure for restoration of membership