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About IndusHome

Our Vision

IHWF’s Vision is to contribute towards the vulnerable, deprived & homeless old/disabled people, widows, and orphan children & to provide medical facility to them when and where required.

Our Mission

  • LHWF’s Mission is to provide voluntary and free services and facilities to vulnerable segment of the society when and where required
  • They need suitable accommodation (shelter homes) with assisted living.
  • To find ways and means of providing adequate care to the elderly within the cultural and traditional pattern of our family structures

What has been Done so Far?

  • To-date, we are running eleven elderly homes in Pakistan and taking care of on average 50persons in shelters including old aged women and children
  • Providing 80,100 night and days shelters to the vulnerable segment since 2013. The overall financial to-date (financial spending) on shelters, food, medicines and allied services
  • food baskets to the slums for families
  • Orphan children education (accommodating 20 children in shelter homes and providing support to 30 children for education and nutrition)

Projects Completed in Year 2021

Distribution of food items to more than 2000 families amounting to Rs 5.5 Million

Rs. 8 million spent on marriages of orphan girls

Rs. 4.5 million spent on medical treatment and medicines of more than 80 poor families in 2 months

Spent Rs. 10 million for Sustaining Shelter homes

Distribution of summer and winter cloths to families of Indus home amounting to Rs. 6.5 million


  • To provide shelter by constructing shelter homes in the major cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan and Peshawar to give shelter to homeless and deprived old persons to utmost support under one roof. We will also extended our support services in small cities and Towns.
  • To provide medical support to the homeless elders/widows’ (vulnerable women & orphan children), and treatment of dread diseases like Hepatitis B, C, Cancer, Liver transplant, Kidneys and heart problems.
  • To provide food and fulfilling basic needs & incorporation of 50 more families in addition To existing 50 families
  • To provide Tuition fee and books to the orphan children & educational expenditures in Pakistan as many as we can depending on the funds

Seeing in believing - Visit our shelter Homes

Immad Uddin (Executive Director)

Indus Home welfare Foundation (IHWF) is a fast growing nonprofit making and grass root NGO which aims at supporting community beneficial initiatives towards building sustainable community development avenues to improving life/Health, Social services and Entrepreneurship, Disaster Relief Advocacy economic empowerment of vulnerable and old aged support. IHWF works with communities in identifying solutions to their problems with the overall aim of contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Our organizational governance ensures the beneficiaries are assured that IHWF as an organization is established on their behalf and is indeed serving their best interests. Projects we undertake are geared towards facilitating communities in undertaking effective and sustainable development initiatives, building effective leadership for innovations for development while imparting needed skills and appropriate knowledge to community groups for economic and social empowerment.
Please Join hands with us for the safety and betterment of most vulnerable segments of our society.