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Taking care of our elders is a noble obligation and an integral cultural norm in Pakistan. As we grew up in a traditionally family, we become strong supporter of the rights of older people. With The passage of Time, value deteriorated, family structure has become weaken and so is the care about elders. Whatever are the reasons but elders are increasingly a burden for children and close relatives and the need for elderly shelters homes is now become necessity for The social structure of West is quite different. While, in west, elders enjoy pension/financial support, free medical, social cover, fundamental rights and much better living condition, increasingly number of elders on The other hand in Pakistan is vulnerable. They have virtually no financial support or free medical Treatment, deprived from legal or social justice, they are helpless.
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Our Work
Creating Compassionate Alternatives
Old Aged Support

Indus Home is the only entity in Pakistan specifically working for aged accommodation, their health services and their shelter, due to the division of the population till 2025 population for aged will be 17 million. Currently we are running 13 shelter homes, with a total number of 113 individuals.


To provide Tuition fee and books to the orphan children & educational expenditures in Pakistan –estimation at PKR 10 Million or BPS 72,000/US$95,000 approx.

Community Development

To provide food and fulfilling basic needs & incorporation of 50 more families in addition To existing 50 families, estimation is BPS 72,000 or US$95.000 approx.

Neat and Clean Pakistan

The aim of this campaign (environmentally clean & green Islamabad) is to integrate young people into society in order to make them an active part of the society and lead to a normal healthy active life. As per Islam our society should be neat, clean green and accessible for all.

Women Empowerment

To provide support to the homeless women/widows’ (vulnerable women & orphan children), for treatment of dread diseases like Hepatitis B, C, Cancer, Liver transplant, Kidneys and heart problems.

Programs with GOVT.

Making young people better informed about local scenario’s,How to manage solid waste in commodities, Enabling environment through awareness raising advocacy to support clean and green Islamabad.

Our Ambition

"Our Ambition is to provide Tuition fee and books to the orphan children & educational expenditures in Pakistan –estimation at PKR 10 Million or BPS 72,000/US$95,000 approximately."

"Rehabilitation of 100 vulnerable women To make Them become independence self-sustaining individuals -estimation PKR 5 Million or BPS 36,000 or US$47,500."

"To increase the number of professionally Trained attendants at least 50 in addition to other support staff and volunteers - estimation PKR 20 Million or BPS 1 44,000 or USSI 90,000 approximately."

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